About Acurast

The Vision

The Acurast Universe is a platform and protocol designed to enable Web3 projects and enterprises to realize the full potential of Web3. This is accomplished by building new and improved use cases that are empowered by a universe of interconnected worlds.

Focusing on the value propositions of a decentralized ethos with trustlessness, interoperability and self-service at the core of Acurast.

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The Ecosystem


The Acurast Community is a self-sustaining network of individuals, communities and organizations coordinating collaboratively or independently to advance the development of the Acurast Protocol.

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Founded as a software service provider, Papers has evolved through experience to support the entire lifecycle of an innovative product in web3: talent to develop it, a company to sell it, and a team to support it.

Acurast Association

The Acurast Association works to foster a network of individuals and organizations to realize the shared vision for an open ecosystem through the development, documentation, and governance Acurast.