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Acurast Builders

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The Acurast Builders program is a developer-first program designed to nurture talented builders developing apps utilizing Acurast to their advantage. Focused on novel projects that leverage Acurast as an added value. 

Like Acurast, the builders program is ecosystem agnostic and welcoming builders from all ecosystems

Throughout this program you will gain the experience to build Zero Trust applications.

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The Builders program will center around multiple workshops focusing on Acurast’s technology and how you can build with it, as well as additional workshops hosted by our partners.

What is Acurast?

Acurast is a decentralized and serverless cloud for Zero Trust Applications, utilizing an off-chain Execution layer for trustless compute and the Acurast Layer 1 for orchestration of compute demand. 

Learn more about Acurast’s architecture in the Acurast Docs ↗

What Are Zero Trust Apps?

Zero Trust Applications can be generalized as arbitrary computational tasks, which offer the guarantee to be ran as specified and scheduled, without requiring trust in any third parties.

Learn more about Zero Trust Applications in the Acurast Docs ↗


Price Feeds

Confidential Computing

Verifiable Randomness


Off-chain Data


Zero Knowledge Execution Service

Use Case Examples

Explore more Use Cases↗

Application Requirements


Your project should have at least a minimum viable product.


You are expected to attend all the workshops to be eligible to qualify for the Participants and Winner rewards.


You are part of a high-quality team that has the technical capabilities to build your vision.

What Is Acurast Canary?

Acurast Canary is the incentivized testnet of Acurast, just recently launched in its initial "Phase 1". cACU is the asset powering Acurast Canary.

Learn more about Acurast Canary ↗

How To Join

1. Application

Fill out the application form with the details of your project and why it should be part of the Builders program.

2. Shortlist

We will manually screen all submissions and reach out to you with additional questions about your project.

3. Selection

If you application was accepted, you are part of the Acurast Builders program and we will start building together.


I’m building in an ecosystem where Acurast is currently not yet available, what should I do?

Reach out to us on Discord, Telegram or at, we’re happy to provide more context on how your ecosystem can be supported by Acurast.

What are the benefits of participating in the Builders Program?

The program offers free sessions and mentorship from world-class web3 companies. In addition, all projects that share our values will have an opportunity to receive support to develop their Proof of Concept project. You will have an opportunity to receive financial support and collaborate with Sony NetworkCommunications and the Astar Foundation to conduct demonstrations or research and development.

Where is the program being held?

The program will be held completely online. Communication will take place on Discord. Sessions will be done with video calls.

How do I apply?

Click on "Apply Now" and complete the application form. Each application is reviewed manually, so it may take up to a week for you to receive confirmation. We will conduct an initial screening, followed by a final screening with an interview for successful applications. If you pass, you will be accepted and invited to participate in the Acurast Builders program.