Bringing together Consumers and Processors.

The Acurast Orchestrator is the centerpiece of the Acurast Protocol acting as an orchestrator and liquid matching engine between the requests of Consumers and the resources of Processors.

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Marketplace Fee Sharing 

Acurast introduces a fee sharing mechanism for the stakers of the native Acurast token, a certain percentage on every transaction of the marketplace is being returned to the stakers. If the Acurast Job reward is in a stablecoin such as USDT, the fee share will be automatically exchanged to the native Acurast token and then distributed to the stakers.

Marketplace Data and Revenue stream.

Service Level Agreement

Besides the script defined by the developer, the Acurast Job also includes a service level agreement component. Where the  Consumer defines the reward as well as the required uptime, the slots for Processors and more.


The reward for Acurast Jobs can not only be paid in the native Acurast token, but also in other stablecoins such as USD equivalents, this allows Consumers to better budget the payment required for the Jobs.