Provide COMPUTE AND Earn rewards

Become part of the decentralized Cloud with your mobile phone.

You are the infrastructure provider to Acurast's compute and earn rewards from developers utilizing the resources you provide.

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Mobile First

New, Old Or Smashed Screen?
No Problem

Acurast does not care if you get a new dedicated phone, it's and old phone, or even if the screen is damaged. All of these can become part of Acurast's decentralized Cloud.

Opening up a completely new life for these devices with the possibility to upcycle.


Scan a QR Code That's It. You Are a Processor

It's as easy as scanning a QR code to setup your factory reset mobile phone.

Within 3 minutes the device is setting itself up to become a Processor.

You're in Good Company

Others Are Doing it Already. Become Part Of The Cloud.

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