Token Events


The Acurast Token is launched with multiple liquidity distribution events designed to bootstrap the Acurast ecosystem.

The Acurast token plays a central role for the Acurast protocol and its decentralization. Not only will the token be securing the proof-of-stake Acurast protocol, it incentivizes true decentralization. Fostering a strong, future-proof, value driven protocol through a community-first approach is at the heart of Acurast’s philosophy.

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Upcoming Token Events

1. Community token Event


Launch Date

To support the launch of the Acurast Protocol, the Acurast Association is planning to create a token event for the Acurast community. This event aims to thank the Acurast community for its help and allocate Acurast tokens to loyal supporters.

2. Liquidity Bootstrapping Event


Launch Date

Acurast will bootstrap liquidity by leveraging the innovative approach of the liquidity bootstrapping event. This yields the needed deep decentralized liquidity.

3. Airdrops & Crowdloan


Launch Date

Early community contributors like Processors will be rewarded for their commitment and effort. The Acurast community can also help Acurast earn the right to host a Parachain by participating in the Acurast crowdloan and be rewarded.

Subject to change. The Acurast Association will update the website with any changes prior to the start of each event.